Friday, August 14, 2009

Phone Photo Friday

Wish I had a photo of Ben lounging while watching the movie at Movies by Moonlight at a local outdoor venue. Hence it was too dark, but know it was an awesome night to be outside with family.

Today is my last day back before workdays and school returns. Ben and I are heading out the the Farmer's market and Pullen Park to ride the train/boats/carousel and then a picnic if the rain holds off.

I shot this not the best photo while in Boston. I passed this theater in Harvard Square multiple times a day on the way to class/meals/hotel. Every time I died laughing thinking of Laura's story behind the real meaning of phrases.

After this week, I thought it would make her laugh to imagine the stage production. Someone probably had to have a permit to buy the costumes.


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Ride that donkey donkey!