Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ben's First Day vs Mommy's

Ben had an AWESOME first day at his new school. I telling you I am kicking myself for not putting him here at 18 months.

Today was day 1 of 4 phase ins. Basically only new families are at the school this week for 2-3 hours each day. They learn the mechanics of the class while parents learn about carpool and policy and procedures. Bill reported that it was so obvious that we had made the best choice and for that it was worth my insane amount of research and sitting in multiple school presentations in Jan/Feb.

What I think I like best about this new school is the Montessori approach itself. Each day starts with group circle then the kids move to "work programs" that rotate based on the kids age and ability, and interest. While this seems a little like he might becoming a little socialist the manipulatives are AWESOME. Ben is a child who loves to sort, at kick ass at a 24 piece puzzle, build, and most of all be outside. The opportunity to do all daily are reasons we choose this school.

They will take two field trips per month. Once a month they walk to the nearby library and the other is a local field trip to a nature preserve, pumpkin farm, area museums.I am SO going to volunteer to chaperone to see this firsthand.

They school truly is a community and the parent support seems to be well entrenched and ongoing. I really appreciate how much they want parents to come in and be apart of the class for more than a holiday party.

This truly is a relief that when he said good bye to children he has known since he was 12 weeks old yesterday that the only tears were mine. He is settling in like he is an old pro at a new situation. Watching him befriend another child while playing is a true joy to know his outgoing nature is well established at age three.

Mommy's first day back was also the smoothest in 10 years of teaching. For one I didn't work yesterday. Didn't even think about it and took a vacation day. Spent the day with Bill, cleaned the house, saw THE GOODS, got Ben's hair cut, ran errands, and had a great dinner.

When I got to school at 6:30 all the windows were open, bad sign that there was no air. Luckily it was fixed for the time being. Class sizes so far are lower than projected, good kids including the repeaters that I have back again. I have freshmen in homeroom so I took them on my "how to find the back ways to class esp the bathrooms" school tour. Yes I am nuts to be hauling 30 little kids up and down the stairs but I always say, If you can get through 9th grade with any self esteem in tact then you should get a medal.

With my Civics classes I laid the groundwork that yes I am nuts by using this fake microphone to interview them like we were on a lame game show. My friend sent me the best description of what teachers actually do. Classic that "teaching" is not on the list. "passing out scantrons, monitoring halls, handing out belts, drying tears, breaking up fights, redirecting misdirected anger, aggression, etc., extinguishing fires, and generally raising children up in the way that they should go"

Happy School Year Mommy and Ben!


LauraC said...

So glad to hear Ben did well and you are so excited! And congrats on your first day back!

Beth said...

Congrats to both of you. Sounds like things couldn't have gone better!