Monday, March 10, 2014

Thank you Universe!

Friday I drove the boys over to Boone, NC where we had a planned meet up with Uncle Brian and his significant other of the last 18 months, Sarah.  This was the first time I have met Sarah and all I can say is that is made my heart sing with joy to see Brian so, so happy.

I wish I had a picture of them in matching green hospital scrub pants, dancing in the kitchen to Brian's mix of R&B classics while making breakfast early Saturday morning.  Instead I was drinking coffee overlooking this amazing view and thanking the universe for his happiness.

We left Friday in some crazy rainy/icy to the west weather with a car piled high with snow gear, pool gear, coolers, and bags a plenty.

Sarah's kids, Lilly, age 12 and John, age 6, also joined us for the weekend. Ben led the boys in some all-boy craziness, first up in the indoor pool.  And later in a pillowfight/pretend snowboarding off the bed.

Yes, there were some quiet moments like playing chess and with the Lego train set we brought mainly for Ian, but all the boys seemed to love.

I got to hang out with Lilly and help her with a school project on WWII she had to finish.  It was fun being around an almost teenage girl, especially one that I didn't teach.  What strange territory as we talked about New Direction and I pretended that I might know something about teenagers. I commend Brian for how he was around a 7th grade girl, so relaxed and natural.

Saturday we headed to Hawksnest Ski Tubing for the afternoon.  I stayed close to Ian "no fear" Vinson who did well until the end when he was exhausted.  Ben and John raced, and Brian led us in several trains of tubes going down.  I didn't take my bigger camera and appreciate that Sarah forwarded some quick iPhone photos she took.

Saturday night we grilled out as it was sunny and much warmer.  We had a big family meal and got the kids to bed before hanging out by the fireplace chatting.  Almost a perfect picture from the day, minus some kids not looking at the camera.

I love this guy, so so much.  I could not be happier for him after meeting Sarah and her kids this weekend.


LauraC said...

LOVE everything abut this!!

Carrie said...

There is a ski tubing place by us that I want to try maybe next winter. I was worried Autumn would be just a little young still this year. What a fun weekend!

Beth said...

So much awesome!

Gillian said...

Looks like a perfect weekend! Love the pics!