Saturday, March 29, 2014

Plans, no plans, it's all good

While I didn't run out of the building aka George Costanza during a fire, I will say I looked at my student teacher and said if you even think about doing work until Monday then I'm calling the cops on that "brights and tights party" you are planning for the weekend.  Don't ask what a "brights and tights" party contains.
All I can say is it is not for the over 30 crowd.

I have a little over 120 essays to grade and 33 multi-part projects before grades have to be posted on the Monday we return, but I have a FULL week to get it done.  So what's going down at Casa Vinson during this much sought to hang on to Spring Break week.

- Exercise- Spring clothes are tight.. hello running and TRX last night, kickboxing today, and basic training class tomorrow.  The boys may be loving the Y child care next week while I attempt to get in some much needed exercise

- Massive toy purge.  "make sure you show me what you decide to toss/pass" said Bill.
Bahahahahahah! No. 

- Trip to Atlanta for the boys and Bill and an overnight beach trip for the boys and me.  Dividing and conquering the kids is a beautiful thing, people.

- Categorize freezer ahead stash and try to get at least 10 meals cooked and frozen to get me to end of the school year.

- Finish the TWO, yes only two, books I've been working on all March

- Buy tickets for Full Frame Documentary Festival.  SO many choices, so little time.

- Finalize Ian's 4th party prep.  Score that the train is reopening at Durham Science and Life and now has a private train option for parties.

- Meeting friends for meals and conversation

- Get caught up on Good Wife after trying all week NOT to hear the bombshell of a plot twist dropped last Sunday. When NPR dedicates a story to a TV show I expect to be crying in a fetal position knowing my man is at the center.

Happy weekend all. I'll see you on the other side of toy armageddon.  


Carrie said...

I only have ONE thing in my freezer stash right now, argh! I am planning to build it up this week again! Oh do I love freezer meals!

Beth said...

Best line ever:
- Massive toy purge. "make sure you show me what you decide to toss/pass" said Bill.
Bahahahahahah! No.
LOVE it!! (Although of course, it's the opposite in my house, with Ed the one saying "No.")

Happy spring break!!! (And I just read that the follow-up episode of Goodwife to the bombshell episode is just as gut-wrenching. *Sob*)