Friday, March 21, 2014

March Love List

This Friday post brought to you a beautiful spring day on tap for the weekend.  After a *snow* day this week it is CRAZY that this weekend is expected to be beautiful and warm!

March, while I'm not much of a bracket kinda girl I will say I love you for other reasons:

1. Spring flowers!  I could not resist creating a couple of new arrangements for the front porch.  I'll take that "that's a nice arrangement" from an employee at my favorite garden shop compliment.

2.  Good Wife- Season 5!  Oh brother has this season been SOOOOO good. Desk-clearing rage of betrayal good.  Me love you Will Gardner/Knox Overstreet, such a long, long time.

3. Daylight Savings Time- So I'm back to getting up, driving to work and teaching the first part of the day in the dark, but YES to getting home with time to play outside.

4. My amazingly awesome student teacher.  I have hope and faith in the next generation of teachers. Every Friday I've left her a "you got through another week note/little gift."  After a particularly rough week with students and discipline I am leaving her this to find later today.

5.  Party People in the HOUSE!!!  Tomorrow night I'm going to a 40th birthday bash for my dear friend Laura C.  Back when she originally told us about the theme, "Favorite Things," I almost immediate thought of one of my favorite places with favorite things, Chapel Hill's A Southern Season.   I put together gift bags from my favorite BLUE Q with some NC specialties including:  Moravian sugar cookies, rosemary almonds, cheese straws, and the amazing coffee they serve at their restaurant, the Weathervane.

I love Southern Season and wanted to share a little NC goodness if any out of townees get my gift.

Happy (beautiful, spring) weekend!

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