Sunday, March 16, 2014


Friday night was the start of spring soccer season.  I've asked Ben for the last couple year if he was interested in playing, but he said no that he only liked playing at school in the after school program. I think his lack of skills finally came full circle, as this fall he asked if he play for the next season.  I checked around with several of the area programs and settled on one that plays all games and hold practices within a 5 min drive of our house.  It helps that our neighbors have played for the same league the past year and reported that the coaches were great and tried to do as much one on one with the kids.  
SCORE for this very busy, working mom. 

We lucked out with a weekly Friday late afternoon practice day as it is typically the only day I leave school before 5.  Being on Friday it allows us to get home, do dinner, and not have to rush to do any homework when we get home around 6:45.  Our game schedule includes a mix of games with most in the 11am/noon time frame.

This schedule also works well as Bill and I can split up the kids with one of us doing the game, and the other taking Ian to Little Kickers soccer practice. 

At the game, when Ben played goalie for part of the game the other team scored. He was very upset with himself and his pre-game conceited "we're the best" quickly disappeared.  I appreciated a very nice email from his coach thanking Ben for trying his best and that everyone has a first game.  A couple of the other kids go to school with Ben and one of the parents is the school speech pathologist and recognized Ben.  She commented that the coach is a great with kids and while the games are competitive, the focus is on skill building and working as a team.  

Later Saturday we love, loved, loved being outside on a perfect spring day.  We headed to our neighborhood playground and tennis courts after some serious bike riding. After such a cold, rainy and snowy winter it was welcomed to spend the day with the windows open and most of the light hours outside. 

*Dirt on the face and flower on the head, thanks to your brother were optional*  

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LauraC said...

We switched to FC Cary this year also, so we'll see you in a game! And let me tell you from experience, FC Cary is SO MUCH LESS competitive than CASL. Definitely a great fit for kids just learning.