Thursday, October 31, 2013

What I didn't do yesterday

Grade anything.

I didn't look at anything remotely resembling something school related. Well, minus meeting an end of the month deadline for my student teacher's education program.  

What did I do on a very rare day off?

1. early morning gym workout
2. got a facial
3. went to Target, alone. Along with the dry cleaners and the bank.Being alone running errands is better than a Carribean vacation. Period.
4. picked up Ben's prescription
5. took myself to lunch at Neomode's with a good book in hand
6. prepped chicken white bean chili and chicken noodle soup in triplicate
7. dropped off Ben's field trip payment to the school
8. Secured camps for Ben over the holidays.  Can we say if Ian is in school, Ben is in camp and mom has a quiet house to get something done.
9. house chores including re-triming the steams on the arrangement I made on Monday.  With some fall leaves I picked up while walking the dog, I had to take a picture of what 3 cheap grocery store bouquets can resemble with some love.
10. returned a bunch of calls and emails, ignored in the last weeks due to work
11. took the dog on an extra long walk on the Greenway listening to an audiobook and loving the leaves at peak color
12.  took the boys to Dollar Tree to buy silly string and glow bracelets for Halloween and carved the last of our pumpkins.

I wrapped up the night with a nice night sitting outside drinking wine and eating cheese with friends.

A nice day, and way to wrap up one of my favorite months of the year.

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Ms Mae said...

Ah, so nice to have a day by yourself. I swear every time I run errands with the kids I wonder why I did it and promise myself never to do it again....until I do. Glad you got time to relax before the chaos of the upcoming holidays.