Monday, October 21, 2013


I busted on rush tickets to see Pussy Riot at the Full Frame Documentary theater in Durham Friday.  Boo, instead Bill and I got caught up on Daily Show coverage of the shutdown. I would have much preferred to be seeing some feminist, punk rock protesting Russian ladies instead of Jon Stewart.

Saturday we finished decorating, yes really more had to be put out, for Halloween.  Minus cutting the pumpkins we are done. Also on the Saturday agenda:  yardwork, gym, errands, baby shower, and our friend Katie coming over to make jack-o-lantern pizzas and Oreo dirt. Thank you Katie for a fun afternoon!

Sunday we headed for a 7 hour stint at the State Fair. Bring on some deep fried goodness between riding rides, superior people watching, and listening to a thrilling video about school bus safety by Toby Keith. Seriously, I had to go into the School bus safety exhibit, which not surprisingly was inside a bus, to pull the boys out. Sadly not until I had first watched a video about train safety in which it insinuated that the kid got hit by the train and THEN the horrid Toby Keith school bus safety.  I found out later that Ben and Ian refused to leave until the volunteer came back with a new supply of school bus shaped erasers.  They much more quickly exited the Germ City exhibit next door when they realized they were going to leave eraser-less and only get to wash their hands.

New this year was a trip across the lake to see a giant smoky the bear as well as the NC Forrest Patrol helicopter and fire truck.  Also new on the list was Ian riding a roller coaster with Bill.  He loved it and asked if he could go on the larger one, bus alas when you are 37 inches high, it was a no-go.

By the end we were all punchy and tired and once home called it a night early.  Mom shirked some much needed grading to continue reading a can't put it down book. The same one she stayed up reading until after 1am and then couldn't sleep due to creepy images running through my overactive imagination.

Tonight, Bill and I are sans children to see Nine Inch Nails.  I SO wanted to go the last time they were in the area in June of 2006 the day before my due date with Ben.  Sadly, we passed thinking giving birth at a NIN concert might somehow be warped into some over-the-top graphic video for the next album. Or, maybe as Ben's due date was 06/06/06, we just didn't want to tempt fate.  Regardless, my 38 year old self is meeting up with my 18 year old self tonight and I am going to be in some Pretty Hate Machine heaven.

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Carrie said...

Have fun at the NIN concert, I used to love them back in high school!!