Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Bad Boy School for Bad Words

Conversation with Ben and Ian in the car on the way home yesterday:

Ben and Ian calling each other the worst names they can conjure including: stupid, poopy, diaper, dummy. 

Mom:  "I don't want to hear any more ugly words.  The next word I hear, you are loosing a bear buck.

Ben:  "ok, I'll just use the F word"

Mom: "WHHHAATTT? Where did you hear the F word?

Ben:  "Afterschool, I've heard it is worst than the S word (note the S word in our house is "stupid")

Mom:  "Yes, it's not a nice word for anyone to use. Do you know what the F word is? Secretly hoping that he doesn't actually know if because he has heard ME say it in a moment of anger"

Ben:  "Foo-Foo,  is that right?"

Mom: "uh no"

Ben: "so what does the F word mean, so I'll know if I hear it?"

Mom:  "I'm not saying it because I don't want to even say it out loud, it's THAT bad!"

Ben:  "Fine, then I'm just going to go the the Bad Boy School for Bad Words and learn it myself and I'll tell you"

Note that I overhear the boys (Ian included) in the midst of a fight in the playroom calling each other, "no YOU are the F word"  over and over.

Happily I am glad that so far the Vinson house is not doubling as the Bad Boy School for Bad Language.


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