Friday, October 11, 2013

Pulling a George Costanza

Just a quick check in.  My "hey, need to post LAST Friday has turned into THIS Friday."

You can likely guess the culprit of work, work, and wait for it... more work. Since Sunday, I'm already at 53 hours/week.  More expected  by weekend- end as any non-kid responsibility time is lined up with grading and a list of parents to contact over failing grades. Plus I'm figuring out how to go about pursuing parent contacts on a cheating ring I have discovered in one of my classes.  I'm treading carefully as the blow back can potentially be difficult in the age of "not my child."  Good times.

The good news is that I picked up another test writing contract for the state. Good money + foot in the door, out off the door of teaching. When I have the time... laughing as I say this as still have personal emails to return that are a good three weeks old.... involves research jobs writing curriculum with a private company as an exit strategy. I might have a marketable skill of value given I have a decade plus of item writing for the state on my resume.  Even a part time gig would be an option if I can pair it with something else to pay the bills.

Don't tell anyone by as soon as I deliver my students to the stadium for the homecoming pep rally later today, I'm sneaking back into the building among the chaos and working through the ra-ra fest.  Last year I literally hid under my desk, a la George Costanza, when I didn't have a classroom and only a cubicle when someone else had the same idea and walked in on my stealth falling down or better yet laying down on the job.

PS- I also have hid during fire drills when not around students to have to lead to safety (aka.. the back of the parking lot.)

Also on the newsworthy front was yesterday as Ben's last day with his counselor.  I meet with her privately next week for I guess a "wrap up and hey do this for the rest of his life" meeting.  Ben described some "finishing my work activity" that I can't say I totally understand, but also felt like it gave him closure.  Maybe learning the word "closure" is part of the activity after a year in kido therapy.  He said he wanted to send her a letter and maybe a picture.  That's my child, I hope, that he shows appreciation for those that give their time and attention to him.

Also on the time and attention front, I overheard Ian's teacher talking about her WIC benefits being cut, or basically stopping.  Little did I know she had a two month old baby.  Can we say stressful life of dealing with a room of 3 year olds and then going home to a baby.  I have been meaning to do a "thanks for teaching my kids this fall card with a small Target gift card to the boys teachers.  Now seems like a good time to do that instead of waiting for Thanksgiving. Stupid, stupid Government for acting like children.

What's on the agenda for the weekend?  A surprise date night tonight to Angus Barn to celebrate Bill being finished with a major release at work that he oversaw.  Bill is heading out of town with Ben with Y guides to camp with their tribe Saturday night.  Ian and I are going to an art class called "Spooky Boogie Bones." Ian and I are doing a date night that involves popcorn at home under a tent of blankets and pillows and watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  The modern day equivalent of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood that is so bad it is good in all kinds of preschool ways.

Happy weekend.


Beth said...

Good to hear from you! Sorry about the cheating ring. That sucks. And it really, really sucks for Ian's teacher. Hope you have a productive and quiet weekend!

Carrie said...

That Spooky Boogie Bones art class sounds awesome! I need to look for something like that to do with Autumn. And, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood? I need to look into that. ha!