Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If you inflate it, they will come

My husband will tell you that he loves Halloween more than Christmas with a straight face.  I'm not sure if he had some type of unfortunate Christmas sweater incident in his childhood, but I can tell you we have become THAT house on our street.

Since mid-September, yes September, we have slowly been decorating the exterior of the house.  First is was just some all purpose fall decorations. A fake pumpkin here, one there, a few pots of mums.  By end of the month it was full on with 5 different types of lights, hay bales, a fake skeleton wearing a cowboy hat, tombstones, skulls....

ok, you get the picture. I will admit I was the one behind the personalized family signs.  A pumpkin that reads, "the Vinson family" and a giant Candy Corn with our names.  Given my love of candy corn I just had to purchase an ode to the Food of the Gods.

Recently, I came home one Sunday to find not ONE but TWO new inflatables on the porch.  I've give you the ghost one (pictured) is kinda cute.  The other, a pumpkin on a stand, is average decorating fare.  I mean if you are going to do the inflatable thing, why not this beauty? A giant 11 foot black cat that can blow smoke and turn its motorized head?  All available for just over $100.  A week of groceries or the ability for people to question your sanity.  The choice is simple, right?

The other night I was rounding into our driveway after walking the dog only to have a car pull up in slow motion with all the windows down.  The mother inside was pointing to her two kids in the back with what I can imagine was part wonder and excitement on the kids part, likely at the extent of decorating at their house was a lone pumpkin.  Perhaps there was a exclamation of , "Good God, imagine what Christmas looks like at this house!"  Since I own Christmas in my Williamsburg -style arrangement goodness, sadly this lady will be disappointed should she come prowling around again.

For now though, until likely mid November when last year the decorations finally came down, follow the orange and purple glow to Casa Vinson.

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Carrie said...

Love your porch! I would def. slow down to show the kids if I lived in your neighborhood. I love Fall and Halloween decorations! Love!