Monday, October 14, 2013


Not much to report as 90% of the weekend was spent at home.

I worked late on Friday to curb having to work all weekend at home. Nothing like an email sent at 5:15 pm telling you your kid cut my class today and that I literally watched him get into his car and drive away from the classroom window.

My plan paid off at other than about 3 hours Sunday and a couple of hours Saturday night, I have managed to get a chunk of a book read for an enormous part of the weekend between loads of laundry and some freeze ahead cooking for the week. I even met up with a friend for a late dinner Sunday night.  It was a much needed low-key weekend.

I did have Ian for the bulk of the time since Bill and Ben had gone camping with Y-Guides. We started Saturday morning at "Spooky Boogie Bones" parent and child art class.  He made his monster look nothing like the model.  He told me that "because he was three, his had three eyes."

I swung by home to get Ben, hit the nearby park to blow off steam, then over to have them measured for the family wedding they are in next month.  I do believe this side of hell is being trapped in a Men's Wearhouse with two wild boys attempting to tear the fitting room apart, particle board by particle board.  "I guarantee you'll love the way you look,  said Men's Wearhouse founder George Zimmer.  "I frankly don't care how they look in this wedding, let's get the hell out of this store" said an exasperated mom trying to keep them from overturning a rack of suit jackets.

It reminded me of when Brian and I were of similar ages and we were at the Her Majesty Outlet in Greer, SC with my mom.  Among the racks of little girl slips and camisoles (because in what lifetime did anyone care about modesty?) that Brian and I overturned an entire circular rack on it's side after exploding out of the middle like an volcano.  My mom managed to drag both of us out of the store and then, attempted not to be outmatched by anyone wanting to question her parenting; wore both of us bare butt out on the hood of her car simultaneously.  That, my friends, is a parenting feat of another generation.

I digress, but man did I totally wish I could have called her and apologized for acting like a tool given Ben and Ian's behavior. Something tells me she knows that the V boys can give anyone a run for their money and is laughing her ass off right about now with a giant "Now, you get it."

While Bill and Ben camped OUT Saturday night, we camped IN complete with popcorn and watching Clifford and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood in Ian's tent.  At one point I got in the tent with him until I convinced him that mom sitting beside the tent was as good as the contortionist position I was in inside the tent.

Sunday we both slept in until I could no longer bribe Ian with the promise of a Dunkin Doughnut to let me keep sleeping.  It was a good weekend filled with some productivity along with lot of time spent in stretchy pants and cozy socks.

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Beth said...

Oh my gosh--we had the SAME scene in the Men's Warehouse in August! The first time we were there (to be sized and order the tuxes), William walked out with a bloody nose. The second time we were there (to try on the tuxes), the boys ended up fighting while wearing their tuxes in front of the 3-way mirrors. Nothing gets salespeople moving faster than goal of getting rowdy boys out of their store! LOL.