Friday, August 23, 2013

You Can Go Home Again

I had all plans not to attend my 20th high school reunion earlier this month.  Social media has completely changed how we connect and stay in touch.  Plus, I was driving home from being in Florida with the boys and didn't really want to go solo.  I had just seen my high school girlfriends over the summer at our annual summer meet up in Charlotte.

Enter in my friend Jamie who the week before the reunion texted me to say her husband had a last minute trip for work and was planning on going it alone.  We convinced our other good friend, Melissa, who was planning on coming down as well, but with her spouse to ditch him and go stag with us. .

We had, SO.MUCH.FUN!

I offered to be the designated driver and picked up everyone for a pre-reunion dinner out.  It was like old times, talking to my friends parents and catching up before heading out.  Instead of talk of high school it was about kids and families and where life had taken us in twenty years.

The event itself was at a small venue in downtown Greenville, SC.  Most anyone I really wanted to see had come and before the night was over I had gotten the scoop on the lives and happenings for those that had stayed local, and those that had ventured far beyond the class of 1993 at Easley High School.

This was the best aspect of the night, spending time laughing with friends over the stupid, mundane, and  petty.

The stuff that good high school memories are made.

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