Friday, August 9, 2013

Falling into one of two camps

Thank you dear friends for your kind thoughts, messages, and comments yesterday.  I laid low most of the day, spending it with the boys after camp pick up playing outside, doing housework, a library run for new books, and working on a paid contract writing standardized test items.  It was a average day and I was thankful for the normalcy.

I did get together with my friend Eileen to celebrate her birthday yesterday morning.  To be honest there are few people that can make me laugh harder than Eileen.  I didn't mention it was two years out with my mom, as I wanted it be what I intended, a time to catch up and celebrate her birthday.

We headed to Southern Season in Chapel Hill for lunch and quick shopping trip through their market.  Some where along the shelves of gourmet food, we came across fish balls.

Insert lewd joke here ____________.

At check out I whipped out my Disney to pay for lunch and Eileen commented, "of all people, YOU have a Disney Visa."

I replied, "yeah, because when you think ideal Disney customer, you think of me."

Eileen: "only if they issued cards with images of people giving Mickey the bird"

Me: "or junk punching Mickey in front of the Magic Kingdom"

It got me thinking that my friends from both now and those who have know me all my life fall into two camps:

1. Those who comment on how cute my Disney Visa is and where they can get one for themselves
2. Those that laugh and comment I am the last person Disney wants as a walking advertisement

Let's face it, the only reason I have the card is the Disney rewards it earns. Last trip we had close to $800 in essentially "free" money to spend in the Park.

I am so very appreciative for friends who get me, who know that what I needed more than anything yesterday was a space to laugh, talk, and remember that one day does not define me.

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