Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1st Day Fun

Sunday night, we read Oh the Places You Will Go before starting a new school year.  Yes, cliche but so appropriate that we talk about hopes and dreams for a new school year.  I love that Bill caught this picture, especially Ian smiling as we read.

Ben is getting up at 6:15 with his alarm and trying to make the 6:40 am bus.  So far he is two for two being up and helping fix his own breakfast.  As a seven year old 2nd grader it is amazing at how grown up he feels, even just since the end of the last school year. I am trying on multiple levels to give him more responsibility and hold him to expectations beyond just behavior.  We "practiced" am wake up all last week with a reward for doing well.

Ian also is starting a new preschool class at daycare and has slept ever.single.day since he returned last week.  The trade off was at 10:00 pm last night when he was still up and coming out of his room.  He too looks so much older than just a few months ago.

Like everyone, we took obligatory1st day of school pictures including new backpacks or "pack-packs" according to Ian.

*Note in the best picture of them BOTH looking at the camera, our neighbor has just walked out to play and Ben has noticed.

Last night we played outside with our friends, rode bikes/trikes, shot off silly string and welcomed a new year.  Ben's smile at 6:40 am was as happy as the same one at 5 pm when he greeted me with a monster hug and reports of a great first day.

Everyone has hopes and dreams for a new start every school year.
Happy 2nd grade and 3 year old, my sweet boys.

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