Sunday, August 18, 2013

If I ever find a home video of Oprah crying into a Lean Cuisine, I know who to call

What better way to head back to school today than to have spent the weekend with this group of lovely ladies.

Seriously.  I never in a million, gazillion years imagined when I commented to a non-judgemental Laura with our 6 week old babies, "hey, you didn't see me shove that paci back in Ben's mouth directly off the floor," that 7 years later I would have such a great circle of ladies to call friends.

Thank you Kim for offering up your mountain home for a weekend of relaxation.

Thank you Jen for taking the bitch seat the entire drive.

Thank you Katie for the zero calorie desserts you provided.

Thank you Laura for the Games Against Humanity card game. So inappropriately wrong and raunchy and so, so, perfect.

Thanks ladies for a memorable trip as well as your friendship over the last 7 years.
Everyone should be so lucky to call you part of their tribe.

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