Monday, August 12, 2013

Camp Mommy Week! Instructions for campers

Kicking off a week of Camp Mommy fun at the Spray park yesterday.

Camp Mommy Logistics

Number of Camp Days- 5

Hours of Camp- 9-5 pm.  Wait, who am I kidding? Camp Mommy begins when the first kid is awake and ends when they collapse into bed.

Please make sure campers wear Camp Mommy 2013 t-dyed tshirts, apply sunscreen and bug spray if appropriate at least 30 minutes before arrival. Please send campers in hard soled shoes, as we expect to play hard this week.  A change of clothes is recommended for all parties, especially if water play is added last minute.

Campers will carry their own backpacks daily.  Backpacks can contain no more than 5 HotWheels cars and 2 library books. Binoculars optional and will be forfeited if fighting ensues over said binoculars by campers.

Campers will be expected to pack their own lunches.  Assistance available for the 3 and under crowd. Choices include PBJ, chips, daily fruit selection, 2 snacks, and refillable water bottle.

Camp Mommy will provide all tickets, transportation, potty patrol, band aids for injuries, as well as a healthy dose of patience, common sense, and the ability to keep her s*it together when said campers are driving the director crazy.


Monday- Defy Gravity and the RDU airport park

Tuesday- Durham Science and Life and ice cream at the Parlour in Durham. Cooking with Katie for dinner.

Wednesday- Cary Creative Center and the "Giant Dragon" Park

Thursday- Playdate (mom has 1/2 day training at NC State with her student teacher) Afternoon at Pullen Park train, boats, and playground.  Locopops!!!!

Friday- Camp DADDY day!!!! Mom is heading to the mountains for a girls weekend.  Dad is taking Ben, Ian and our neighbor to the NC Zoo.

Camp Mommy will actually conclude Labor Day weekend with a super-secret treasure hunt weekend filled with NC Train Museum, 3 Bears Acres, and a surprise overnight guest.

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