Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Four pictures for 1,400 miles

After nine days, over 1,400 miles logged as a party of three, we were finally home on Sunday night.  Without a long post, this trip was much like the six of prior years filled with time at the beach, time in the pool, a grill out with extended family, a water park trip, a morning child-free to visit one of my happiest places on Earth.

I kept thinking why it is so important to me to make this trip year after year, even if it is a haul to make the drive alone.  So why do I keep going back?

To visit with Ben and Ian's sole living grandparent for the longest amount of time we will see her all year

To regret the phrase, "yeah, go ahead an pick out a snack in addition to a triple insulin buster bubble gum, cherry, and blue raspberry slushy that is likely to be spilled in the back seat."  .

To remember that even though all the moments of the trip were not sunshine and roses, that a final night sunset walk on the beach in search of treasures was one to cherish.

To take silly pictures in front of the giant tree in our front yard with my brother Brian before heading home. We walked through our neighborhood showing the boys our secret childhood hideouts and grinned at inside jokes shared between us.

Until next summer and another 1,400 miles,

xoxoxo- V-Boys and Mom

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Ms Mae said...

The drive is worth the effort. Our trip was not quite as many miles but I understand the need to connect with family. Especially as my kids get older to have that relationship with all of their aunts/uncles and cousins that live everywhere but by us. I laughed at the slushy being spilt in the back seat.....pretty sure we have something similar in ours! I only have two weeks left of "vacation" aka maternity leave and I'm sure you are going to be getting ready for school soon. Where did the summer go?