Friday, June 7, 2013

My Mom- By Ben (Age 6 years, 363 days)

Ben brought home a book he made about our relationship.  He excitedly showed it to me as soon as he got into the car. What mixed emotions I have about this year and his last few days as a 6 year old.  As Ben read his book later to me, I have to smile at how many times he incorrectly noted I teach middle school.  There is truth and innocence in everything he wrote.

My Mom by Ben

My mom has blue eyes.  Her name is Heather Vinson.  She likes to listen to the news.  She likes to read chapter books.  She wears glasses. She works at a middle school and he mascot is the purple and gold hulks (meant... hawks.)  (Erased badly, "Her favorite bad food is chocolate mint ice cream.)

My moms favorite color is lime green.  Her favorite food is pasta (does this child not see the amount of cheese I eat!)  Her favorite place is Kenya.  She likes to teach middle schoolers.  She likes my grandmother and my uncle.  She likes to read.

My mom's job is to teach middle schoolers.  She teaches about the times.  She lets me on weekends go to her school and lets me play with her student's play dough.  It is so fun!  She teaches about the Civil War.

What I love most about my mom is she makes the awesomest mini-hamburger.  She lets me play outside after school.

My sweet Ben, be still my heart at your take on our relationship.  Happy early birthday. I can't wait to race you on the giant waterside at your party tomorrow.

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