Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Wrap Up

May, you were busy....

Before too many more June days pass, a quick May recap.

-took the boys for a long beach mother's day weekend of awesomeness
-finished 3 books (Where Did You Go Bernadette, We Live in Water, re-read Rules of Civility)
-hosted my old neighborhood bookclub for summer drinks and desserts
-found the perfect dress for my upcoming 20th high school reunion
-took Ian for stitches, twice and reward ice cream once
-in general the whole "let's walk the dog to get ice cream" became a weekly item

-got the acceptance letter of a lifetime for the Supreme Court Institute later this month
-purchased a few more professional summer dresses to where in DC plus work in general
-finalized and paid for all summer camps for the boys, all weeks with notes attached for Bill in Google calender
-volunteered one final time with Ben's class
-saw a movie in a movie theater that did not involve animation with another adult. Bonus pts for being a documentary
-started several summer lists including the work list, the fun list, the book list, the kiddo list (the word "swimming hole" was written on more than one list)
-booked and have already bought most everything for Ben's 7th birthday party this weekend

Add a giant waterslide, Sugar Mama cupcakes, and the boys only list from his 1st grade class and let's get this party started.  I'm stoked that my brother is coming to help celebrate, and race me on the waterslide.

Few people take pictures of plants and containers gardens. Then, there's me.  My favorite pictures this month are of pots I designed and assembled and now can look at every single day of summer on my porch.

I <3 you summer.

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Carrie said...

I want to see your summer lists! :)