Thursday, June 20, 2013


The is the start to a variety of camps this week.  Around February I set up my paper worksheet to price out camps, sign up for popular camps likely to have a waitlist, and to start filling in our summer trips.  Every summer I give myself a budget and then try to pack as much as I can in for my money.  The goal is to have someone, somewhere at least 1/2 day.  Having one kid at home is a gazillion % better than two fighting it out over some stupid Lego piece for 10 hours a day.

Here is my ginormous mess before I put everything into Google Calendar with notes including address, times, and needed materials like swim gear and snacks.  

Once finished the final copy will look more like last year's once I can print it on cute paper for our fridge and laminate it.

This week Ben is at a 1/2 day wilderness camp at the YMCA. We lucked out with great, not hot and humid weather.  So far he has reported that between archery, fishing, a boat ride, and meeting with a park ranger to touch a snake, that this is the best camp ever.  

Uh... what about Jr. Jazzercise Ben?  Less you forget that next week is time for this year's foray into getting your jazz hands on for whatever theme the teacher/world's most peppy 50 year old cheerleader has planned.  Remind me to tell you about her teaching the kids the 1980s Christian music hit, "Love in Any Language" for the Cancer Awareness walk.  9th circle of hell, for sure.  

Mom is DC bound after camp drop off this morning.  Back next week with lurid tales of hot Supreme Court action.  Ok, a stretch that the only thing hot in DC is the weather.  I am beside myself at getting to spend 5 child/obligation free days in DC in the freakin' Supreme Court in the final week of the 2013 term.  Big decisions likely going down and yours truly will be witnessing it all. I promise not to rush the bench or stage dive into Scalia's lap.  Hold me people, this is of epic awesomeness and supreme teacher geekery.   

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