Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st day mayhem

Let's go back to Sunday where I took advantage of my school  being open on Sunday afternoon for some last minute copying, pulling class lists, making seating charts.  I'm fairly sure that on my tombstone it will say cause of death will be attempting to unjam a copier using only a ballpoint pen and my MacGyver wits.

After leaving we had a fun afternoon playing outside until dinner when the stove went out in the middle of trying to make a nice back to school dinner.  It's now Wednesday and I still haven't had time to research or even call a repair company.  Local people, suggestions?  As expected the home warranty just lapsed.

Needless to say we've been living on dorm room food of sandwiches, cereal, and takeout.  Bill and I sat down with Ben and helped make sure he had packed his supplies, had a talk about riding the bus (which is a major deal as our elementary and middle school now share the same bus.)  We also talked about behavior and reminded him that he needed to make good choices from boarding the bus to after school program.  

Fast forward to 5 am when I am up at my new start time.  I am making every effort to not only be up earlier, but also to leave earlier due to traffic.  I'm also helping more with getting the boys up and ready starting at 6 am.  I still have some large bandages and tape from the surgery on Thursday so I switched outfits to wear a shirt with longer sleeves and into white linen pants.  I'm thinking first day impression that bandages hanging out of my clothes sends a creepy message like I moonlight with a 2nd job that involves lots of knives.  Instead I find out hours later I sent an entirely different message.  

Ben makes the bus at 6:50 am, Ian is dropped at day care, my day with my new students begin.  I have all Civics classes this fall and am picking up US History for the first time in 13 years teaching in the spring due to a curriculum conversion. Yay to being out of World History, all freshmen purgatory, but lots of work in the next two years ahead.  

Somewhere around noon I realize that the wardrobe change was revealing a little more than I wanted, as in the black lace showing through kind.  I do ALOT of walking in my classes so I'm fairy sure that instead of having the kids wondering if I was involved in some type of chainsaw accident I'm now really showing uh.. my assets.  I ask my friend next door and she busts out laughing and says, "well you kinda can't tell, ok.. I'm not going to lie it's really noticeable, but at least their not red."  Thanks, as I'm now even more self conscious as I head into my two afternoon classes, filled with repeaters who I will need my game face on, even this 1st day.  Luckily I find ways all class to hug the wall as I'm circulating the room. 

After school I get an email about Ben's behavior from his teacher.  Do you remember last year on the first day of school when his teacher met me at the door at pick up?  Somehow I rationalize that an email detailing defiance, talking back, being disruptive as somehow better.  

It's not. 

I'm mortified and contact Bill and respond back to his teacher.  She asked about his medication to which Bill and I have been talking about a stepped up dose.  I get to after school with hopes that he has not already burned one of his three strikes on the first day.  I talk to the director who assures me that while he had a rocky start she helped him find a place in the homework room with little distraction (aka facing a wall) and that they talked about making good choices in the after school program.  

We make it to day care where my ever fearless toddler has again shocked his teachers with his ability to weather most any injury.  Seriously I thought at one point that Ian has the disease where you can cut off your finger and not even realize it. "Brush it off" has all new meaning for Ian Vinson. We make it home in a hour of 5 o clock traffic, fix dinner or some semblance of dinner.

Since it was crack of dawn and I was already gone as of 6:15 for work, we shot our 1st day of school pictures after dinner.  

Ben and Ian were chanting "too cool for school" and striking some rock star poses. 

Ian wanted pictures in his "pack pack".  Seriously, this kid makes me smile even on the longest of days.

Ben actually let me plant a big kiss on his cheek.  Please let this year somehow easier.  Please let me not be on a first name basis with his teacher by the end of September.  

We never could get Ian to stand still for a photo, so we opted for an action shot instead.  

I'm happy to report that Tuesday was a better day for all and I did do a last minute wardrobe check as not to pull another malfunction.  To date Janet Jackson hasn't called and asked for her fame back.  


Beth said...

Awwww, everyone wears underwear. Who cares if the kids noticed. ;-)

As for Ben, sorry he had a rough first day. Hopefully he'll find his groove. Thinking of you guys!

LauraC said...

Sorry to hear about this crazy crazy day! Alex was the same way as a toddler, we'd think it would HAVE to hurt when he ran into a wall but he just kept going!