Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer 2012, a Love Letter

Dear Summer 2012,

I'll just say upfront you rocked it.  Your brought it like a roundhouse kick to the face.

This year has already been pretty awesome but you outdid yourself.  On your final day you gave us a beautiful, sunny warm but not hot day to enjoy outside, soaking up every last minute of you.

Here's the thing summer, as a classroom teacher I bring it for 10 straight months to tomorrow's future.  Not all students appreciate it, many spend every single of their 180 days in my class waiting for you to come around just as soon as you leave every late August.

But I appreciate you in a way the the younger generations lack the maturity to fully understand your magical powers.  Over the last 8 weeks you gave me extra sleep, time to stay up late reading or watching tv, eating many a cheese plate and enjoying a giant glass of something frosty, hanging out on porch (es).  That right summer, I love you so much I have not one but two awesome porches to enjoy you.

We filled our days with a mix of 1/2 day camps from Jr. Jazzercise to Y Wee Camp.  Mom planned many a  field trip with the V boys in tow. We spent days at the pool waterslide racing, playing T ball, taking swim lessons, going to the library weekly for a fresh crop of books, even making crazy art projects from the recycling bin. We ate ice cream every chance we could and grilled out many a dinner.  

You allowed us to spend not one but almost three total weeks soaking up your gorgeous Florida sunshine over two trips. You totally went the extra mile, ok  more like close to 14,000 miles, to show me that summer not only rocks it in North America, but in Africa as well.

I totally will give you that not every day was spectacular, fireworks inducing awesome.  With a fearless toddler and off the wall at times 6 year old the days were often long, but in my maturity I know our time at these ages is short.

How many times did I respond to someone who likened "two boys... what a handfull," with a lighthearted, "Yeah, two boys are a good weight loss plan, since you are in constant motion."

My precious V-boys, this summer rocked because we took time to play.  All three of us.

Summer, as much as it pains me to leave you for a new crop of eager/forced students tomorrow itching to learn about US Government, I will leave you with a parting gift.

Some of my favorite shots to remember you by:

Summer forecast:  hot, humid and a 100% chance of cuteness

A whole summer of don't tell him that he couldn't or shouldn't, because he went ahead and did

Pool / Out of Pool ratio very lopsided during our Florida road trip in June

Don't mess with people in hats, especially ones attempting to score Midway Mania Tickets

Got a child-free afternoon at the beach?  Got access to the inlaws convertible?  
Oh the places you will go!

Just how big was that waterslide on your 6th birthday?


Until next year Summer, 

Mom and the V boys


Carrie77 said...

I will miss summer, too :) Great photos.

LauraC said...

Love this, all of it.

Ms Mae said...

Agreed. Somehow it seems to go quicker each year, and somehow we swear that the NEXT summer we will not plan to do so much...and it still happens :) Hope you're feeling as well as expected after surgery...or better!

Ms Mae said...

Had a deleted :( basically looks like fun :)