Friday, August 24, 2012

3rd Time and Done

Yesterday was my 3rd and final surgery.  Compared to the other two this was easy, peasy with only an hour and a half on the table and was under local, not general anesthesia.  Actually when I went in to plan this final procedure my surgeon told me most people would opt to do this under general but, ok by now I think you can finish what he said next.  Actually since every penny has been out of pocket, this final call was in part to to finances, that and sheer stubbornness not to have a prolonged recovery.

This last surgery was a clean up to finish up some odds and ends that due to the maximum time under before couldn't be performed.  It was a little weird that I was semi awake for this round although I asked if I could be drugged up as possible .  Key to me picking up Demerol and Halcion earlier this week when the pharmacist asked if I was planning some type of wild back to school party. Note to self:  don't pick up controlled substances while wearing your work ID. Actually, I love my pharmacist, who let me take advantage of free grocery promotion for new prescriptions, even though I had no refills.

I was totally loopy by the time the surgery started, and a few times roused up in pain, to which Dr. C graciously shot me up with more local.  A few times I did feel him cutting and was really glad that I wasn't fully with it.  I have a high pain tolerance and think that I pushed it about as far I could.  

Bill arrived close to my finish time, helped me get to the car, got me home and in bed, went to pick up the kids and then took the boys to Ben's t-ball end of season party.  I slept until around 8 when I woke up and had no idea where I was or that I had surgery.  Luckily good painkillers are just that... GOOD.  I did wake up around 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep, so I packed day camp lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, answered work email to say I wouldn't be in on Friday.

An old version of me would have powered through and forced myself to go in to work.  Luckily I'm not living with the old version, instead someone who values rest and actively sets limits.

When I was in Florida earlier this summer, I took  an afternoon, as well as my in laws' convertible out shopping, eating shrimp, and walking on the beach alone at Seaside.  I happened by this little store and bought myself this jewelry box with a slogan I love.  Once home I've filled it with the Kazuri beads I bought in Kenya.

I think I may adopt it as a mantra.

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Anonymous said...

Love this outlook Heather! Blessings always! Katie