Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Bill took Ben camping over the weekend under some of the most amazing NC weather ever.  Serious porch-sitting weather has ensued on a nightly basis around our house.  . 
We are slowly trying to build up decent camping equipment as with two active kids, camping is a no brainer on the family activity list. 
So far Bill has checked out three different local camping areas since last fall and we have plans to camp with family friends later in the summer. 
This will be my first time sleeping in a tent since I was in Girl Scouts about a bazillion years ago and on some quest for badges. 
In addition to camping, they also went finishing since their campsite backed up to a part of the lake.  One of the things we have started doing is fishing at the pond in our neighborhood weekends.  It never fails that it is quiet and peaceful and a chance for Bill to have alone with Ben. 
Quiet and peaceful activities will be repeated. 


Ms Mae said...

Ugh. We LOVE camping. Sadly it is still a month before we have time to schedule in a trip. Looks like you guys had you keep your fish? :)

Carrie77 said...

Brian took Nathan fishing at a creek that has small fish today, but they did not catch anything so after much begging he is going to take him to a park nearby to try it again tomorrow. So glad Nathan is doing some boy stuff, and I can take Autumn on the playground. I love camping but haven't been since girlscouts either!

Gillian said...

That isn't Jordan Lake by any chance is it??? We were camping there last weekend (Poplar Point). It was great weather - except for Friday night!