Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer 2012- Big Family Fun List!

Like in past years I’m rolling out our BIG SUMMER FUN LIST.  As Ian is year older more options have opened up for both boys.  With mom not working and 8 weeks ahead, Camp Mommy is taking applications.
***pictures from our kick off to summer weekend***
This summer the V-Boys hope to:
1.    Make a t-shirt for “field trip days”
2.    Create a new car playlist of silly songs
3.    Mystery trip/scavenger hunt trip
4.    Take the train to the Greensboro children’s museum
5.    Go camping
6.    See a Durham Bulls baseball game
7.    Catch a fish
8.    Attend day camp/Wee Camp
9.    Road trip to see Granmommy
10.  See an outside movie
11.  Make a 2012 stepping stone
12.  Take swim lessons
13.  Ride go-karts
14.  Participate in a bike parade
15.  Visit the NC Museum of Art Puppet Show
16.  Go to the zoo
17.  Get together with friends
18.  Family Vacation
19.  Take a weekly trip to the library for new books
20.  Catch lighting bugs
21.  Play T-ball
22.  Start a family cooking night
23.  Make homemade ice cream
24.  Visit Durham Science and Life Museum
25.  Ride on the New Hill train
26.  See a car race
27.  Wash the dog outside weekly
28.  Go to the farmers market
29.  Make an art project at the scrap exchange
30.  Go on a nature walk at Hemlock Bluffs
31.  Family puzzle or game night
32.  Have a picnic, ride the train and carousel at Pullen Park
33.  Stay in a lake house and ride in a boat
34.  Go to an outside music concert
35.  Volunteer at the animal shelter, NC Food Bank, and collect school supplies for Backpack Buddies
36. Lake Johnson spray park
What’s on your Summer Fun List?
*Superhero cape-wearing optional


LauraC said...

EPIC ice cream photo. Hang that baby in the house!

Ms Mae said...

that looks like so much fun!