Thursday, June 7, 2012

Come on over and sit a spell

This little blog that could is about to celebrate a five birthday this summer.  What started as a massive to-do list during the summer of 2007 with a then one year old Ben.

Flash forward to today as that one year old finishes kindergarten.  At end of the year letter parade and kindergarten celebration there was not a dry eye in the crowd, especially from this mom.
I cannot tell you how much I am excited I am for this summer.  Maybe it’s the not working thing, or the big family fun list, or that the summer ends with this amazing opportunity to serve the community of Michura, Kenya. 

Whatever it is 2012 is going down as best year ever.

Instead of making some ridiculously crazy to-do I’m going to pair it down to 8 things for the essentially 8 weeks I have off.  Remember the 2012 theme was about shooting for perfection but being content with any measurable and attained progress?
Summer 2012 goals: 
  1.  Rid the house of all things baby.  Donate, sell, and pass on whatever, but it all    needs to go.
  2.  Strip and repaint the front porch swings and rocking chairs
  3.  Work with Ben on a daily basis in conjunction with his weekly tutor
  4.  Organize boys artwork folders
  5.  Bind this blog by year
  6.  Final purge of all too big/ill fitting clothes to charity
  7.  Move all freeze ahead recipes in rotation into electronic form My Recipe Box
  8.  Make exercise a part of each day. Consider the NC Zoo 5k run Sept as a goal
And one technically not a to do, just a want to do.  From Joy’s Hope the idea to host a Pioneer Woman Pot Luck.  I’m thinking maybe a different spin and calling it a “slap yo mamma southern food fest.”

I’m throwing in making buttermilk fried chicken, mac and cheese, stewed squash and onions, string beans simmered with country ham, fried green tomatoes, chocolate chess pie, crusty cream cheese pound cake.

Cocktails must be these amazing sweet tea cocktails I made for Bunco from the June Southern Living issue. Will be posting the recipe this summer.  STOP ME NOW.  I’d even get out my great grandmother’s silver and the bazillion gallery trays I got at my Sip and See bridal shower to serve you. 

Want come to pick your porch and celebrate Summer 2012 at Casa Vinson?


LauraC said...

Count me in for a PW put luck. I saw that on Joy's Hope and was all HELL YES.

My word for comment moderation is AFRO!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to come! over, bunco, and pot luck! Add me to your list!!!
Robin Ann

Carrie77 said...

PW potluck sounds awesome! Love your list of only 8 things! They're all good!