Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warrior Dash = Multi-Shower-worthy

Laura's write up yesterday was a perfect recount of our weekend trip for Carolinas Warrior Dash. In particular I am reeling in disgust and now renounce that I found the lake my favorite obstacle after seeing the algae. Was I SO ready to be done that I didn't even notice the vile filth I was wading through?


More than a couple of students commented on my very nasty weeping blister and skinned knees in class yesterday. When I mentioned a race with obstacles over the weekend, the look was priceless. These new kids have known me 3 days. I'm looking for rock star status if I can keep up this insanity of a teacher who is a really a wanna-be Katniss(laughable).

I'm thinking that if I can pry the hat off Ben I will be wearing it for my World History class olympics this Friday and keep this charade going. A fitting tribute for what was one of the most fun and also physically exhausting days of my life.

At some point after signing up I must have looked back at the obstacles. Surely, I did or was I that nuts not to bail earlier? It wasn't until the riding in the car that a little panic set in as we recounted what to expect. As we took off and I fell behind our group running the first leg I started having a sinking feeling that this was really going to be a struggle to finish and I was indeed the weakest link.

Struggle as defined as punting on the VERY FIRST obstacle. By the end I bailed on 2 of the 8 and walked at good mile of the 5k run. Not quite the finish I had wanted but I finished all the same. A huge thanks to our team for waiting patiently for me to make it to Lake Nasty to finish as a group.

Somewhere after the oh so lovely pulling myself out of a garbage dumpster and rounding the next leg of running did my left arm start tingling and then went numb. It spread to the right and at some point I started walking trying to catch my breath and also figure out what was going on. I realized yesterday that pulling myself out of that dumpster must have lead to some type of injury as I have a crazy nasty bruise developing in a none to fun place for this busty girl.

Warrior Dash was pure awesome adrenaline-fused fun. I never in my life, esp the one where I dreaded having to run a mile in gym class every Monday, that 20+ years later I would be crawling through mud and jumping fire and loving every minute of being able to finish something so physical.

Will I ever do another Warrior Dash? Maybe, post surgery and post some better outside running stamina building. My summer plans were high jacked by summer insanity. As much as I would love to make a 1/2 marathon a goal for my 40th birthday, I now realize just how far that dream is from attaining.

Hands down I will be moving forward with a Wipeout themed 6th birthday party planing. While no mud, jumping fire, or anything as crazy as Warrior Dash this is happening. Based on Ben's comments watching the WD promo video online, thinking I'm IN it no less, this kid is so ready for a pint sized version to get crazy messy.

Warrior Dash-So multi-post-shower worthy indeed.


Carrie77 said...

I am doing the MO warrior dash in October and I am SO, SO nervous! Love to hear your real perspective on it! You did great!! Hopefully mine won't have a nasty algae lake :)

Irene said...

Yes, you will be doing another Warrior Dash. :) I had lots of fun, it was great to hang out with you!

Anonymous said...

There's a similar race in Saxapahaw in a couple of weeks, I think they're calling it a mud crawl? They're also having a mini version for kids, and Nina wants to do it. Squee!!! I'll turn my girl into a wee little Katniss warrior yet!

Ms Mae said...

That's so fantastic! Now I'm wanting to do one :)

Melissa said...

So proud of you! Sorry I chickened out! I think my fear got the best of me. I'll do it with you next time no doubt!