Friday, August 5, 2011

A New Phone Friday Series- Room by room, it's all RAD!

Thanks for good thoughts on going back. I got my schedule yesterday and as expected I would call myself bottom of the totem pole. I will be traveling to different classroom/floors with an all Freshman load. If I thought I could count my miles per week walking for the competition, I might consider it. Instead I'll be pulling out my most geriatric shoes and stocking up on protein bars.

It's all good and in the end, I'm thankful in this economy, esp when normally recession-proof teaching jobs are being cut that I have a job with a reasonable commute.

Since the house is completely put together, I feel good sharing something other than just the exterior. Instead of some crazy long post with pics room by room I thought for the next few Fridays I would do a include quick pics I like about the new house.

Up first a big reason we love this house: lots of open space downstairs.
When we opened the door we saw an open kitchen, sunny breakfast area, and the porch/deck that you can see from almost everywhere downstairs.

I LOVE this space. The area is open, lit with natural light all day. I seldom turn on the lights and just work at the kitchen table under the sunlight.

We put the play kitchen which was a great decision for the mealtime rush and given the perpetual mess in the playroom, this is easy to clean up by the boys.

Since a mudroom was among the few things I didn't get with this house, we are instead using the storage bench for shoes, backpacks, lunchboxes. Ben already was accustomed to putting his shoes and backpack here already, so it's a great place to catch everything as we come in the door.
I cannot tell you how much we love this house. We were prepared for the long haul that it may take to sell our our old home when we took this leap of faith to buy before selling. I know that every reason we said yes to our new home has been confirmed every time I walk in the door.
Happy weekend.

A much needed and overdue date night planned. Prediction of planning for the return to full time schedules to be discussed, budget fun, kindergarten and daycare starting. Not romantic, but needed.

A completely work free week coming up. I can't wait, getting oil changed and paying my vehicle tax never seemed so fun.

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