Monday, August 8, 2011

I really wish I had a Flobee to rid this house of rat-tailed children

Happy weekend all around with a date night to finally see Super 8. Think if Lost and Red Dawn had a most amazing kid it would be this visually epic, reminiscence of all great 80s films movie. Bill has managed to see a movie a week in his annual summer movie season of explosions, superhero, and goo-pod qualifying movies.

What can I say, he doesn't own a boat, fix up cars, between gadgets and first run movies this is what he does with his blow money. I on the other hand negotiated going to the grocery alone with my 2 hours of time and only taking one kid to shop for school supplies. Priorities people.

This is the one week between the end of summer school and the start of fall online semester as well as the start to back to full time. Being the last week of freedom you know this lady has some plans.

1. Gradually work my wake up time back to 5 am. Boo.
2. Massive freeze ahead to restock my freezer and prep an upcoming SC run. 3 items a day to the tune of a $250.00 grocery bill for supplies yesterday.
3. Oil change, pay vehicle tax. Clean out car of summer gunk/sand.
4. Mow the grass the the old house or rent a goat.
5. Box for passing all 6-12 month baby clothes.
6. Check out the status of Ben's back to school clothes. Got athletic, nylon pants in a size 5. I'll take all colors.
7. Massive clean out of two boxes of paperwork and an annual file cabinet purge.
8. Clean out fridge/freezer in the garage for use for overflow groceries.
9. Try to finish the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on audio. Damn, saw that Christmas release trailer again this weekend. Even if the movie adaption totally sucks I am totally buying the soundtrack. Badass I tell you and so worthy of a workout playlist.
10. Ian Dr appointment with shots and meet his teachers for day care start.

Other stuff like catching up on the last weeks of SYTYCD online, making a giant weekly task list to laminate for the fall, trying on all my school clothes, getting 25 miles logged, buying new bras. LOTS of fun going down this week.

But without saying I gotta put taking the boys for haircuts to rid them of their redneck rat-tails is tops. We are at a record for needing haircuts. I would ask around if anyone had a Flobee just for the laugh factor alone.

Countdown to fall restart starts now.


Beth said...

Good luck with your chores this week! Can't believe you start next week. I'm excited for you, though. As for your list, No. 1--Ack! not fun. I've been trying to get up at 5:30 all summer to exercise and it just ain't happening. No. 4--get a goat! LOL. No. 6--can you get a set for me? Size 4 though. No. 9--I need to read the last one in the trilogy. Thanks for the the heads up about the soundtrack!

Beth C said...

Rent a's much too hot to mow grass!