Monday, August 22, 2011

I admit I read this book because of ONE cheesy Oprah interview comment

"for such a short time they are yours, and then they belong to the world"

From Rob Lowe's name dropping-a-thon trashy good read in reference to his now teenage sons. I dare say that reading about raising sons and being raised in a family of boys is opening myself up to some community judgement. Pretty-boy Rob Lowe giving parenting advice. Really.

While I don't recommend it to be adopted for the next edition of the Norton Anthology, it was a quick, good time of a read. My attention span has been non existent of late, so this was a nice bridge into the mindless.

A short check in as with the start of school later this week it's going to be a repeat of last week's 7 days in crazytown.

Back full time, full time for daycare after phase in, Kindergarten teacher reveal and assessment. Since I don't have a classroom and am traveling throughout the school day into other teachers' rooms and I'm really tired. I may be 150 lbs thinner since I last had to travel classrooms, but I'm 8 years and 2 kids older.

I spent most of the first days back unpacking a decade+ of teaching into a single cubicle. Even after a major purge I still have too much stuff. The thing is, in teaching since budgets are never really flush with funding, you keep stuff believing you will never have time or money to replace. Hence why I still have 10 year old projects of sponge replicas of the Federal Court Model.

Ian seems to be settling in, Ben is in the last week of camp and will have his single staggered entry day the following week. He's very excited and after MUCH discussion (and Bill doing full on am rush routine alone), has relented to let Ben ride the school bus in the am. Ben is beyond syked to ride a real bus, but is overly concerned about the lack of a bathrooms on school buses in general. Thus leading to many a conversation about why the bus driver will not stop on the side of the road.

Staying busy is helping but in the quiet, still (and rare) moments it's not being able to tell my mom about Ben's crazy bus story or share in the start of new school for the boys. This is the part that is going to continue to be hard to want to check in with her and remember that I can't.

Most likely not back this busy week, but expect by next Monday for some mud covered weekend pics of Warrior Dash Carolinas.

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Anonymous said...

I'm dying to read Lowe's book! I think I'm next in queue on the library wait list. I was a bit of a wild one in high school and for a very long time after, but I think I turned out pretty square (in a good way). So, I love reading about other peoples' crazy-assed adventures. I may give his interview on NPR another listen while I wait for the book.