Sunday, June 12, 2011

4th Annual Vinson Family Big Summer Fun List

Not quite sure why looking at the calendar that this week kicks off summer in my head. Maybe because our new summer schedule of day camp and summer school section I'm teaching kicks off tomorrow. Maybe because we've been on the road and now home focusing on the summer move. Or maybe it's because it was the first weekend we spent a majority of time at the pool?

Four years ago when I started this blog is was to post an insane list of items to finish off with my then one year old. Since then the summer list focus was on family fun. This year between the house moves we are full on in summer mode.

Ben is on a traditional school schedule so he will not start kindergarten until late August giving us the whole summer to play, travel, swim, and wear flip flops as our official footwear of the season.

1. Stay in a beach house
2. Host a bike/scooter car wash
3. Start a family cooking night
4. Eat S'mores
5. Go camping
6. Plant Ben's all pink container garden
7. Catch a fish
8. Go to a baseball game
9. Walk or wheel to the library each week
10. Go to a farmers market
11. Wash the dog outside weekly
12. Eat Shrimp
13. Go to the zoo
14. Visit the aquarium
15. Participate in a bike parade
16. NC Museum of Art Kids Saturday or puppet show series
17 See an IMAX movie
18. Scrap Exchange Saturday
19. Family game/puzzle night
20. Make ice cream
21. Try gymnastics
22. See an outdoor movie
23. Go to Pullen Park (once reopens) to ride the train, carousel, and picnic
24. NC Railroad at New Hill
25. Try out the Airport Playground
26. Go on a nature hike at Umstead or Eno River State Park
27. Watch fireworks
28. See a car race
29. Take swim lessons
30. Ride go-karts
31. Move into and decorate a NEW BEDROOMs and PLAYROOM!!


Katrina said...

Great list! I'm thinking of doing something similar on my blog - one for just DC places to visit; then other "worldly" goals :)

I especially like #1 - I've always wanted to stay in a beach house!! I'm afraid I'd fail completely at #21 :)

Melissa said...

We can help with #7. I've got a spiderman fishing pole Ben can use to catch a fish off our dock!

HeatherV said...

Ben got a fishing pole for his birthday, but I would love to use yours when we come to visit in July.

Beth said...

Oooh, I think I'll add #30 to our list. And number 17, too! Hope all the moving planning and organizing is going well. Can't wait to see you settled in your new house!