Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leaving Preschool

Ah June, one more day and you are done. What a crazy month. Ben is going to day camp this summer and loves it. Correction: LOVES it to the point that he is exhausted from swimming, games, whatever else a bunch of college age kids can do with a roomful of energy each day.

Each Wednesday they go on an off-site field trip via chartered bus. So far they have been to Frankie's Fun Park (Ben calls it "freakies") a Durham Bulls game, tomorrow the Carolina Railhawks soccer team is visiting. The best part the camp is at our gym so I can work out, even take Ian to the pool, and then pick up.

We finished preschool at the end of May and attended his graduation a couple of weeks ago. Without recounting (again) feelings about preschool, moving schools, general expectations not met suffice it to say that I am glad he will be starting at a new school with a stellar reputation this fall.

The graduation was nice, organized, and minus including Ben in any of the video presentation that appeared to have only come from pictures after we left, it was what I expected. Ben didn't seem to notice and the only tears really came from me. If I had one issue as a do-over more than not brestfeeding, going back to work, even the trials of potty training feeling like I failed him in providing the best pre-K education is my sticking point.

I know that he is going to be on par with his classmates come August. He is reading simple sentences and knows all the prerequisites entering school. I just wish the whole experience had been better. Better for him and selfishly better for us.

In the decision to return to full time work this fall comes the decision about childcare for Ian. Bill and I have talked ad nauseam about what options we have given the upcoming move, double drop offs, after care arrangements. I want Ian to be at one place until he is going to kindergarten and most of all I don't want to look back with regret that the experience could have been better. I really want to get this right and not spend the next five years second guessing our decision.

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