Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Only When You Are Five

Dear Age Five,

Where have you been hiding out? Had I known that this level of compliance and happiness were mine for reaping last summer I would have been a MUCH happier camper.

I love the kisses for no reason, watching Ben make a beeline to hug me at pick up, pointing and telling others "this is my mom, you should say hello" to complete and total strangers. I love this window being the apple of your eye.

Hence why your 5th birthday was a week long celebration. I think birthdays must mean more to a five year old than at any other age (even 18, 21, 30...)
How else can you explain five separate parties to usher in this glorious age.

1. Party at school- Store bought cupcakes consumed on what was Ben's final day with his class. One-Two punch of celebrations.

2. Surprise Party in FL- I had SO much fun decorating the house for him to discover after being out with Grandmommy (Bill's mom) and Uncle Jamie.

3. Party in SC on the way home with my mom and brother. Ben requested pink frosted cupcakes. My mom delivered.

4. Party at home complete with TWO sets of Dunkin Doughnuts. What to you get with Mom buys said the 5 YO favorite pink sprinkle doughnuts by the dozen only to realize that dad had the same idea? 24 doughnuts and a lot of guilt for eating so many in the days after.

5. Kid Party at Marbles Museum. After Ben's 4th birthday party at which guests got stuck in an insane (and unbearably hot) June event requiring shuttle buses to be ridden just to get to the location I gave Ben 2 options for Year 5.

Ground rules for both included minimal parent effort other than showing up. After discovering that a pool party at our gym required all parents to be in the pool at all times with the kids I began to push for a party at a favorite date night location, our local kids museum. Ben was game, and I was breathing a sigh of relieve not to include the words, "plan on joining your kid in the pool for the duration of the party" on invites. Nothing says, "worst party of the year" than requiring swimsuit clad parents stay in the pool for the duration of the celebration. Talk about flipping the coin to see who takes that party solo.

I asked Ben what kind of cake he wanted and as you guessed he wanted a pink race car. While I'm sure we got many a WTF looks for those who don't know he is obsessed with all things pink, know that I would have moved Heaven and Earth make it a reality.

Ben specially asked if we could eat the car at his new house so as you can imagine what will be hand carried to the new kitchen, a pink Hot Wheels Car complete with BEN 5 license plate.

Of course Ben has already started planning his 6th birthday. At this point I am still invited, until he gets mad and dis-invites me. When I mentioned maybe we could make a WipeOut course in our new backyard for the party I think I sealed my fate for 2012 party planning.

Because how sweet would it be to usher in age 6 covered in foam while running an obstacle course?

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Carrie77 said...

Love the pink race car cake! Too funny that pink is his color right now. Wow, 5 parties! How fun is that! Maybe next year you can do 6? ha! J/k! Nathan had 3 parties and had so much fun at each of them.