Friday, June 17, 2011

I Will Sell This House Today

Minus the red slip, I might be mistaken for Carolyn Burnham these days. On Monday morning I walked outside and found a 4 foot sign gracing our yard, Tuesday we listed, and by midweek the house has started to show.

Needless to say my plan of packing at night has been railroaded by the start of summer school. I have major plans for weekend packing while Bill makes a 2nd attempt at a camping weekend with Ben.

I have a plan to have the house ready to show within a hour by trying to keep it in meticulous order and clean. YES that is possible with kids underfoot, even a toddler into everything. The trick I've found is to work upstairs to down, prepping each room all the way to the front door. An extra laundry basket works well for the last minute items to go in the car along with the kids and dog.

We have drastically paired down toys, clothes, and general kid related stuff as we pack. I also have a short room by room list of items to do should someone else have to prep it to show. Don't ask if lamination was involved :)

Our online listing looks great in part to fantastic professional photos that really capture every reason to love this house. In particular the fresh coat(s) of deck stain looks amazing.

The feeling I want potential buyers to walk away is seeing themselves in this house, raising a family and spending time together. There's a typo (yes I actually noticed it) on one of the fliers stating "checking out this LOVING instead of LOVELY HOME."

Maybe it's not a typo at all.

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LauraC said...

OMG I totally love that movie. Seriously top 10 ever. Even the dancing plastic bag scene.

Your listing looks AMAZING. I've got Sat Jul 16 in my calendar for unpacking party!