Thursday, June 9, 2011

And Five Years Ago Today,

We welcomed Bennett Davis with open hearts and open arms.

Happy 5th birthday to my favorite Ben, my firstborn, my mini-Bill in looks but mini-Heather in attitude. You talk a mile a minute, make me laugh like no one else, have boundless energy, and attempt to befriend everyone. I think you would fit well in any profession where talking is essential. Used car salesman or politician anyone?

In the past year you have moved even further into boyhood as your love of sports, Leggos, any and all reasons to be active outside, and most recently graduating to video gaming with dad.

Your sweetness outweighs your grumpiness 10 to 1. You more than anyone else named Vinson that reminds me that life is way too short not to find a reason to play everyday.

Watching your relationship with your little brother develop has reaffirmed all my reasons that +2 is the right fit for our family. Your love and protection and recent attempts to integrate Ian into your play is goodness indeed. You fill my heart to watch the lifelong bond that is developing between you.
As you move to start kindergarten and a new phase of your life I have to let you go, ever so slightly. Why you are ours, you are also more the Worlds with each passing day.

For now hearing your voice, feeling your arms in a "Ben Monster" hug, catching and pocketing kisses are mine to cherish for this day and for all the others that I will call you my son.

Happy 5th birthday my beautiful blue-eyed boy.



Carrie77 said...

Happy 5th Birthday to Ben!

LauraC said...

Happy happy birthday Ben!
Lovely letter Heather, so glad you are my friend!

Ms Mae said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

Wow. 5. Can't imagine. It's hard enough to almost have a 3 year old! Let me know when it slows down please :)

Gillian said...

Happy 5 to Ben!!!