Monday, July 28, 2014

(Pre) LA Story

Before I got to LA last week I had a 72 hour jaunt in Vegas.  It wasn't in the cards originally for me to meet up with sorority sisters in our 4th summer meet up, but then the LA trip coincided the following week and well....

It was fun but the overwhelming thought that ran through my head all weekend was, "I'm too old for this #$%*" This is not to say I didn't love hanging out with my ladies, but I just felt old seeing tons of 20 year olds livin' it up like it was their last night on Earth.

My flight out to Vegas was delayed so I was the last to arrive late on Thursday.  I was really tired, but decided to head out before calling it a night, after all this is Vegas.  We stayed at the same hotel where Lady Gaga was performing the same weekend. Hello, primo people watching and gasping at the creativity in outfits.

Friday our group rented a cabana and this single handed was the best call of the trip.  For a $700 (in food and drink purchases) the cabana was ours all day.  We had a personal waiter and by 2 pm we were already over the $700 mark.  By 5 pm when we had to vacate, we were over a $1000.00.

I will tell you that as much as I loved having a cabana and people watching, since coming to Vegas 5 years ago one of the latest trends is the ultra pool/lounge/nightclub.  Our cabana was near the entrance to Wet Republic, the MGM version.  The home of beautiful people, aka I'm already drunk and loosing the partial amount of clothing I'm wearing and it's only 3 pm.  One of the best memories was poolside people watching with Meredith (who went to high school with Bill, I'll add.)  The number of times she stated, "oh the humanity," should have been a drinking game.

We saw one of the Cirque shows later and Friday night a smaller group of us stayed out until around 4 am as we found our niche, a club mixing 80s music with a much less imposing group of patrons.  Saturday we spent at the spa and then went to Mon Ami Gabi for a dinner out.  If there is such a thing as food porn, it's here with a cheese plate to top all others.  And there there's the view, strip side facing the fountains at Bellagio.

Speaking of porn, the ladies opted to hit up Thunder From Down Under afterwards.  Amid the throngs of batchelorettes was our group, sitting right up front.  It was everything you would expect, campy and over the top.  Wouldn't you know that of our group, I was the one singled out.  Seriously, I was the most tame one of the group, and had even opted not to drink. Despite me really trying not to be pulled out of my seat and push it off on someone else in my party dying to get on stage, I was the sitting duck.

Afterwards we hit up the newest hotel, The Cosmopolitan for nightcaps at which point I was done and went back to our hotel to crash.  I really loved this hotel and if ever (doubtful) back in Vegas there is where I would want to stay.

*Prerequisite bathroom photo about to head out for the night.  Actually I was convinced the light was meant to flatter even the most heinous of Vegas visitors (not us.)

I'm so glad I was able to go and catch up after missing last year's trip.  Plans are already in the works for next year involving most likely Florida.  God, I hope it's not Disney World.

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