Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What The....? Wednesday- Kick off

I love the Scrap Exchange on so many levels:

-where else can you buy body bags in bulk and then have the chance to use one before leaving in a make it- take it craft gone really wrong? Seriously, I let my kids pee in the parking lot as I'm fairly sure a murder took place in the bathroom back in the 70s. Something tells me this find below might be a reason-

 * note below the girl's collar that this record includes a "chat with Aunt Bertha"

- where else can you find barrel after barrel of total crap that most (sane) people would toss that beckons for some child to make a masterpiece

 -and then there is the laugh factor, because why would anyone consciously throw away a gems like these?

Yesterday, my friend Eileen and I met up with our kids at the Scrap Exchange for a morning of well... buying total crap for make it-take it art projects.  In the past she has found some real finds including a pink Christmas tree and fur pants.  Yes, her son tried them on in the store and walked out with them.  All I could think, and yes I shared with her, was David Sedaris famed story about the ills of wearing used pants.

Collective ugh, gross... if you know the story.

Back to our story because there was a mission for our trip.  Back in the Spring, Eileen posted this picture on Facebook with the following caption.


And thus became a summer plan to make a pilgrimage to the Scrap Exchange for what I hope will be a weekly Facebook series among the mundane posts of people's pictures of turkey sandwiches.  For a dollar you can get a pound of pictures, all discarded and donated along with the other total crap you can buy. We've agreed to turn one picture each week into a series called, "WHAT THE......?" Wednesday.
You can fill in the rest and include as many four letter words as you want. Our goal is to try to outdo each other in funny captions and then get the most likes/comments for our picture each week.

Here is my first week entry

While not a TBT, we are inviting anyone else to play along with random pictures that can (or better don't have a personal connection.)

Come on, you know you want to play along with us!

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