Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Camp Mommy Chronicles- Volume 3

It's been a tiring week here at Camp Mommy.  Ian was not in camp and Ben was only in camp 9-12 three days.  Needless to say, Mom is tired. Mom is very ready for a child-free week, despite that I know I will miss them dearly.

When we came home on Sunday from our lake weekend, Bill had built the following uber cool water board. I picked up the funnels from IKEA and created a big bucket of sponges, empty spray bottles, brushes, along with extra pipe and hoses.  It was a crafting success and reason to go out of town without Bill more often.

Ben did camp through the Town of Cary at the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve.  The theme was Wet and Wild.  I don't know about the wild part, but he was definitely wet and his boots were covered in muck everyday at pick up.   The focus was on creek life and it sounded like they spent much time getting wet (and also wild) as there was a 14 to 1 boy to girl ratio at pick up.

Ben also had a friend over to spend the night.  I had hoped they would sleep until at least 7. Nope. I awoke just before 6 am to hearing them in their camp set up complete with two man tent to an epic Pokemon battle.

Ian and I went to the Y spray park daily as well as Ian went to their "club" for 3-5 year olds called "Cricket Club" aka let's do a camp like experience during your two hours of time at the Y while mom is elsewhere.  Mom went to kickboxing, ran laps, did TRX while Ian did a dance party, went to the toddler pool, did crafts.  Did I mention that I love the Y?

In other Camp Mommy news we made freezer chalk (crafting fail.) I promise you that this artfully arranged picture is about the best thing about this attempt.

We also took a field trip over to Durham to Ho-B Max RC car rentals/racetrack and to Locopops afterwards.  I'm planning on a separate write up so I'll save the details.  It was a win win in places to take the boys.

We spent the 4th with our neighbors shooting off fireworks, grilling out, hanging out playing in the cul du sac along with monumental errand running with the boys to prep for being out of town all week.

I took the boys to 3 Bears Acres for most of today so Bill could have the day off ahead of Camp Daddy all week.  Granted both boys will be in full time camp or daycare, but he will have them all of tomorrow and Saturday.  I'm flying out crazy early to Spokane WA in the morning for a week on the "Atomic West-Building the US Nuclear Arsenal."  Yes, I know you would fight me for a chance to attend, but get in line to wear your sunglasses at night.

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