Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Want to See it, Read it, Eat it- Holiday Edition

The boys and I are working through a family fun list that is manageable without feeling like every minute is packed with holiday cheer stress.  I have my own wish list for activities that don't involve Santa..

I am on the final countdown of the semester and other than writing a final exam and a final research project to roll on January 2nd for AP Gov students, come December 20 it is all about some slower paced days.

1.. See a movie. In a movie theater. By myself or with other adults.  Two movies would be dandy. Three would be more than I 've seen all year in a theater.  Contenders:  Anchorman 2, American Hustle, The Book Thief, or Catching Fire.

2. Go to the Messiah. Thinking next year I am going back to Duke.  While listening to a 3 hour performance feels almost like giving birth, I hate that some of my favorite pieces are cut with the scaled down version I've seen at an area Cary church the last few years.  

3.  Hit up some end of the year clothes sales.  Add Southern Season's end of year sale as well.

4.  Attempt to finish up a 2013 goal of 50 books read. I'm close to finishing my 45th book, The Shining Girls.  I currently have the following downloaded or checked out.  The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, The Burgess Boys, Life After Life, Home.

5. See the Nutcracker ballet by the Carolina Ballet.  I've taken Ben the last two  years to the one put on my school dance department.  After seeing dancers perform selections at Marbles kids museum, Ben has agreed to be my date, provided we get ice cream afterwards at the Parlor's streetfront store.

6.  Try out somewhere new for dinner or appetizers in the area.  I feel like I am trapped in a Groundhog Day-esqe trapping of kid friendly restaurants.  I want to put on nice earrings and go somewhere without a kid's menu.

7. Sunday brunch at the Carolina Inn and see the 12 Days of Christmas display and giant sand sculpture.

8. Marathon tv watching.  Homeland Season 2, Orange is the New Black, finish this season of Mad Men and possibly give Scandal a 2nd chance.

9. Get a pedicure.  I may not be wearing flip flops and sandals, but it has been months.  Plans next year to maybe do a spa day at a resort in Pinhurst that also has a big Gingerbread house competition.  That sounds every bit of my pushing 40-self fantasy to consider a cake competition as enjoyment.

10. Napping on the couch in front of a fire, with or without children.

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Carrie said...

These all sound nice... and grown up restaurants ARE nice to visit every so often! Way to go on almost reaching 50 books!