Friday, December 6, 2013

Of mint chocolate chip ice cream and telling funny jokes

I had intended to post what Jingle, our Elf on the Shelf, has been up to this first week of December. Instead after going through a folder of papers Ben was to return for his 2nd grade portfolio last night, I had to change.

One of his assignment was to conduct an interview with a family member.  Ben and I frequently talk of the ways we are alike and different, so it was fun to see this assignment.

When we were finishing homework I asked him about some of the items he had listed:

Mom: You like school
Ben: Do not like school.

When I asked, "it is hard sometimes, I don't like to write. I do like recess, PE, going to the library, and art."

This opened the door to talk about how sometimes we have to struggle and work hard but the result is worth the effort.  I told him about how all the times he sees me grading work at home us part of my job.  We talked about going to school as his job.  His comment, "when can I get paid money to go to school?"

Ben: "I like music"
Mom: "you do not like music"

WHAAT???? I've been playing Christmas music in the car all week!

Ben: "Yeah mom, but you are always listening to the news in the car, so you must not like music. Plus you told me the other day your most un-favorite special was music."  What I hadn't told him was my elementary music teacher was horrible.  All I remember doing is singing some James Taylor song and playing with rhythm sticks every single week.  Plus, I grew up with my mom teaching piano on the other side of my bedroom room until 8 pm 4 nights a week.  At some point I need quiet.

Note that Ben and I both like mint chocolate chip ice cream and we both like to tell funny jokes.

Well said.

Happiest of weekends.  Ben is at a sleepover birthday party tonight, Bill is doing a movie night with Ian, and I am am meeting up with a friend for dinner and holiday shopping at an area vendor show.

Saturday we are heading to Town of Cary Santa's Workshop event and to to the new Dave and Busters for dinner and games. Sunday, I am going to the Messiah and attempting to get out holiday cards.   Sunday, expecting a cold rain, will most likely involve a movie, popcorn,  planned holiday kid crafts, and my music--hating self has promised to play Christmas songs on the piano for the boys.

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