Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Week Unwrapped

It has been a very quiet holiday week.  In part because we did not travel to Atlanta given the family wedding last month.  Also in part as the kids have both had colds they cannot seem to kick. Luckily both Bill and I are well so everyone is not down for the count.  We've spent most of our week at home minus trips to the playground, a bounce house, and lots of walks with the dog with bikes and trikes in tow.

We decided to pass on some events planned that would have us outside in the cold at night.  The good thing is that the boys are young enough that seeing a big light display on a hayride will be just as fun next year.

I've gotten much needed tasks around the house done, plus lots of sleeping and binge tv watching. The boys have been enamoured with their gifts to the point of now going on day three of playing in one of the three rooms set up with a Lego train, a Disney World monorail, or Hot Wheels loop of death.  I think our family personally is keeping Hot Wheels and Lego in business in 2013.

Some pictures to wrap up what has been a relaxing week at home

Letters to Santa from Ian with help from mom

Letter from Ben that is practically illegible.
Can we sat working on handwriting needs to be one of his 2014 resolutions.

A big hit were headlights to use at night in our rooms.  Thanks Beth H. for introducing to this fab idea.

 Pile of presents?  I got this.

Ben was super excited to get a graphic novel about dogs that have served in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam.

Mom was as happy to get a signed copy with the personal note, "Good luck with your History lessons" from Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Over seven hundred pages of the rivalry between Roosevelt and Taft set in the Progressive age.  Score one for fellow history nerds.

Ian was equally excited to get Bear in Underwear.  The touching tale of a bear in the woods that finds a bag of underwear for all his woodland friends.  Can we say a love of reading has to start somewhere.  Actually this book is super cute for the preschool crowd.

Wishing you a continued relaxing holiday with family and friends.

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Carrie said...

Merry Christmas! :) I love the idea of the book reading headlights (great idea Beth!!!). Hope the boys start to feel better soon. We didn't leave the house once on Christmas and it was so nice!