Monday, December 30, 2013

Capturing 2013

I finally got around making a 2014 calendar yesterday.  Today, I'm wrapping up 2013 with favorite pictures I took throughout the year.

January- 38th birthday beach trip with the boys to an indoor water park resort.  I am the water-slide parent, hear me roar.

February- From one of my favorite posts of the year A Different Kind of Love Story

March- From "Touch A Truck"  How can such a poorly worded event bring such utter joy.  In this case, running the length of an empty tractor trailer truck.

April- From Y Guides Spring Outing with Dad.  I'm so very glad Bill shares a love of camping with Ben so I don't have to go.  I'm also very thankful for a very happy and healthy 2013 for Ben.  

May- Flowers abound and warm weather returns to my Prince of Tides house for primo porch sittin'


June- There are many ways to celebrate a birthday.  I'll take water-sliding with some of my favorite people. 

July- Trips, Trips, Trips.... Two to Florida in One Month

August- Back to school and the end of a summer of Camp Mommy field trips

September-  Very thankful for friends that don't think twice about letting her 3 join my 2 for a 
barrel of boy-tastic fun.  

October- What do I want to be when I grow up? A career that gives me a daily opportunity to remind someone that they are loved. The weekly $15.00 flower budget is continuing into 2014.  

November- Roadtrip to DC for a Ben and Mom weekend.  Yes please, for as long as he will think it's cool to hang with mom.    

December- Why not a picture taken in December, one that sums up how 2013 was spent so many days and weekends.  No regrets.   

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