Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Wrap Up

November, you came and went like no one's business.  My attempt to get 10 posts out in a month was not met for the first time this year.  So what was keeping me so busy?

- Annual Mom and Ben trip to Washington DC for museum hopping
- Road trip to Atlanta for family wedding
- Finished two books (one audio, one print that was over 600 pages long)
- Double visit with Uncle Brian (on the way to Atlanta, and a short overnight visit this weekend)
- Replenishing freeze ahead stock to make it to the end of the year
- Floral arranging class.  Can I just say I have kept a cornucopia of fall flowers alive for nearly 3 weeks by daily trimming and a couple of single flower freshening up.  It doesn't match my now up Holiday decorations, but it is staying until the last rust colored mum has bitten the dust.
- Christmas cards ordered and arrived today!
- House decorated for the holiday season and double party hosting.
- Almost all holiday shopping for the kids done (Bill can claim total credit for this accomplishment).  I have bought those always fun gifts of new pajamas.  Recall that Bill is the fun parent, I am the one that makes sure the boys have on clean underwear.
- Big holiday fun list planned, tickets ordered, reservations made for a busy December

Bring it 31 days of holiday fun, that will not include anything made of real gingerbread!

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