Thursday, November 14, 2013

What happens when Riverdance meets Superhero Squad

Bill's aunt Lynn sent more pictures from the wedding to share.  Pardon me while I swoon just a little.

Ian was in no mood to open his eyes for most pictures.  He looks like he spent most of the day looking into the sun in 99% of the pictures taken. 

Get ready, I'm planning on acting like a total tool at your wedding.  I've been prepping all day. By the way these Spiderman themed Vans are so 1983 Jeff Spicoli. 

Really mom, I thought I was going to get to wear swishy pants at this gig.  This tie sucks.  In addition your ability to dress (little) men sucks.  

PS... Dad sucks too, most likely because he wears a screen printed t-shirt of some type of geekdom every waking day. 

Must better, although I look kinda look like if Riverdance hooked up with a Superhero.  Bonus points for the call to ditch the capes until the reception.  

It's GO time.  Super bonus points that a dog is not also in this picture.  

Despite Ian's antics, mom was proud of us.  She also promised us all you could eat ice cream at the reception.  *Note, Ian had to leave before the ice cream bar was wheeled out at the reception so Ben ate three bowls in his honor.  

Ben to mom, "so will I be in Ian's wedding?"  
Mom, "Yes, just don't give him a quarter to loose and you'll be all good."

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