Sunday, November 24, 2013


Checking in after a few weeks of treading water fitting life into 24 hours.

We are looking forward to the holiday week to be celebrated with friends on Thanksgiving and my brother over the weekend.  This weekend was much like the the others filled with errands not completed during the week among piles of laundry, cleaning, and grading.

Bill took Ben to a birthday party on Saturday while Ian and I hit up Target aka the $100.00 store after going nearly three weeks without hitting the grocery.  Yes, I'm one of those people who succumbed to buying milk at the gas station not to have to make a full run.

Add 10+ bags of leaves raked, making and dropping dinner to our neighbor with a sweet newborn son, holiday cards ordered, and you have another average weekend at Casa Vinson.

Ben and I finished up a Saturday parent/child clay class with one of our favorite instructors.  If local, please consider a class at the Cary Art Center with instructor Linda Simpson.  She is patient with kids on a whole new level, plus she has that great "art is everywhere" vibe that is infectious.

This time Ben and I worked together to create a Christmas tree village complete with snowman Vinson family.  I can't wait to see the finished product to add to what he made last year with Ms. Linda.  I'm totally one of those suckers that loved that my mom kept and passed on tacky child-made ornaments made from some 1982 suntan pantyhose and felt.

Sunday I did a date day with the boys first up church, then on to Marbles Children's museum, late lunch and then the library for new books. As we head into a week where the focus is thankfulness, I'll start with my boys.  I cannot imagine a life without their sweetness, laughing, fighting, antics that are becoming more more them vs me, and did I mention fighting?

I am thankful for my V boys, Ben and Ian. You make our lives fun, exciting, and very, very LOUD!

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Beth said...

Glad to see you checking in! Sounds like a nice weekend. I hope you get a real break over the long holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!