Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A very small token of thanks

In a season of thankfulness, I am beyond thankful that for the 10+ hours I am away from my boys I know they are in good hands. I appreciate open communication and the knowledge that the people that see them more waking hours of the day than I do have patience beyond mine, are loving as well as compassionate about their work.

I sent Ben in with a card and a small Target gift card to say thanks for working with our family this year tucked into his homework folder.  I did the same for Ian's two teachers as well.  This is a lean season when I personally know teachers making hard decisions about pay, if they can stay in this profession, or if they can somehow manage 2nd and even 3rd jobs to make ends meet. It is a difficult time to consider this profession for any type of long term income security.

I wanted Ben and Ian's teachers to know that I appreciate the time and effort they put into my boys each day.  A good teacher can bridge the gap for lacking equipment, fewer supplies, an overcrowded classroom where kids get little one on one attention.  While not all miracle workers, many are the teachers you want your kids to have.  We have been very fortunate to feel that we are in supportive schools and that part of the boys' success lies in the abilities of good teachers.

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Beth said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the V family. So thankful for your friendship and for the reminder to show gratitude to our teachers throughout the year!