Monday, September 30, 2013

Worth an overcharged parking fee and a ho hum museum

Brian and I are making more of an effort this year to meet up, especially when it is half way for each of us.  I really want the boys to know what an amazing, generous person he is and for him to serve as a male role model for them.

He is about to leave on vacation with his girlfriend to San Franciso and then will be gone to several weekend-long music festivals.  We opted to meet up yesterday in Charlotte at Discovery Place for the afternoon to visit.

The last time I went to Discovery Place was in 1983 with my 3rd grade girl scout troop.  All I remember was walking through some giant eyeball.  Needless to say the Discovery Place of 2013 is a different place.  Maybe I've gotten spoiled with having Durham Science and Life and Marbles Kids museum so close.  It wasn't that Discovery Place wasn't an engaging museum, but in comparison I expected more for my buck.

Add to it a $16.00 parking garage fee and I felt a little ripped off. But, what was my intended purpose?  To watch a lame film about lions and lay on a bed of nails (of note, I did both.)  Nope, I wanted to hang out with Brian and chat and let the boys have fun. Which they did.

Ben especially loved a chair that levitated using air pressure.  Ian loved beating Ben at a tug of war using a pulley system with Brian's help. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel when my corn muffin lovin' children and my corn muffin' lovin' brother played multiple games of checkers.

Brian and I made plans to make our next visit the NC Zoo as well as check out an Aviation Museum I've just heard about recently.  With Brian's new schedule, he has a bit more flexibility with the upcoming holidays.  We are tinkering with a mountain trip meet up after Christmas with our family and Brian, his girlfriend and her children who are close in age to our kids.

I really love that Brian and I have a different type of relationship than we did just a few years ago.  It make my heart happy to see him in a relationship with someone he cares about deeply.  It makes my heart happy to see him with Ben and Ian and know this side of my brother.

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