Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So I couldn't wait a week

Last week seemed like the week that just would not end.  Somewhere in the middle of the week, I unearthed myself from grading papers to scroll Facebook only to see that a good friend had a heart attack. When I read this online I immediately texted her and got the skinny.  Luckily she is now fine and come Friday, I knew that I wasn't going to wait a week to hug her in person at the next book club meeting in my old neighborhood.

Instead, I made a small floral arrangement and showed up at her door on the way home from work.  We chatted about what had happened that put her in the hospital for 3 days. I told her and her daughter some crazy story about showing up at ultra conservative Bob Jones University to take the ACT in cut off shorts and a tank top and was not let in.  All this after Eileen's daughter told me that she is being allowed to take the SAT at an area high school as a 7th grader and she was really nervous.  I laughed, Eileen and Mary laughed. Thinking about not laughing with Eileen for say the next 30-40 years stopped me cold wondering what IF she hadn't taken her husband's advice and gotten checked out.

So before you ask why I'm hanging out with the 60+ crowd, let me go on the record by saying that Eileen just turned 41 last month.  41 YEARS OLD.  She's asking that friends share what she was feeling before and during so that, like her, you don't think you can blow off just thinking it is anything but a HEART ATTACK.

She can tell her own story in her own words. Be prepared to laugh, as even in the midst of tragedy, she can bring the funny.

So...I Had A Heart Attack (AKA: Someone Gave Me A Vag Shiner)

-Love you Eileen, and yes, it is way, way too soon to be reading "Taco Party" at your eulogy.

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LauraC said...

I am still in shock all of this happened to Eileen and so thankful she is ok.