Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Camp Mommy- The Final Weekend of Summer Edition

I'll cut to the chase in the first line, Bill needs to get out of town more frequently.  WHAAT???

While I love that he has never had a job that requires travel, I will say the house worked like a well oiled machine since I saw him last on Thursday morning.  I seriously hoped that he would stay in Atlanta until the last goo pod or inappropriate sci fi costuming parade closed down the annual DragonCon convention he went to with his friend.

You mean to tell me that parenting solo has you singing like a soprano in church choir on Easter Sunday. Yep.   Let me break down the last 5 days Bill-less for you.

Thursday- Dead tired from a long first week back with students, but revived by a picked up dinner using up an about to expire Groupon and the knowledge that Friday was almost in the bag.  Kids bathed, homework done, kids in bed by 8:30. Mom finished up with grading, laundry and in bed by eleven.

Friday am- Stepped out of bed in the 5:20 darkness onto a bug... eek. Nasty and so not the way to start a day.  Nasty 2:  Dog vomit, but come on karma.  Still, I managed to get the kids up, Ben on the bus by 6:40, Ian at daycare when they opened at 7 and managed to walk in 15 minutes into first block.  Kudos to my partner teacher whom I had pre-arranged to cover for me.

Friday pm- Hit the gym and ran almost 2 miles.  I have been re-doing a Couch to 5k for the last couple of months to try to get back in the habit of running as part of an exercise commitment.  Yay me for not tying one on like I wanted to, and instead tying on my running shoes.  Picked up kids, easy dinner, family movie night, bath/books, kids in bed by 9, me just before 10.

Saturday- Got up at 5:30am to work on grading and planning for next week.  Ian ruined any real work by being up at 6. Thanks. Left for a day trip to Spencer, NC around 9 am.  Another post soon on what we did... hint... Thomas the Train can suck it.  We saw a real working roundhouse as well as so much train/transportation stuff even I was feeling like a seven year old boy in the excitement department (as well as the filthy dirty dept) once home. Went gem mining at a super cool nearby park, dinner in the car, home at 7:30. Bath/book, kids in bed by 9.  Mom got her Breaking Bad fix once kids confirmed asleep.

Sunday- Intended to get up at 5:30again but was up multiple times with Ian having growing pains in his feet during the night.  Poor guy, all Vinsons slept until 7. I  punted on church when I realized I would never make it on time, and instead worked on school and house stuff while the kids watched tv until our friends from Wilmington arrived and we headed to 3 Bears Acres.

Damn, that place is awesome.  Even better when you have it almost completely to yourself.  We stayed until just after 5 and managed the mother of all timing missing rain moving into the area. Quick dinner, popcorn and a couple of shows with the kids while I graded papers, bath/book, kids in bed by 9. Another night with my favorite meth cookers.

Monday- Got up at 5:30, worked until kids were up at 7.  Managed to get an entire unit of notes plus "Smokin' it Up for Federalism" assignment written.  What better way to teach boring stuff than to splice it with a debate about medical marijuana in California?

Met up with a friend and kids at the park, picnic, paddle boats.  Home for some kid quiet time and more grading/planning. Made a batch of homemade cookies and ran a thank you batch by our summer swim teacher's house. Weekend errands with kids in a two hour blitz. I got lunches made, daycare bag packed, to do list updated, more grading and read some on a book I'm trying to finish.  Went to bed around 10:30.

Don't get me wrong, I love that Bill is home by 7:30/8 pm most nights to do a bath or help me get kids into bed. The weekend went so much smoothly just being the three of us for a change.  No fighting other than the regular sword battles or tiffs over toys. Note that mom was not screaming at any point of the weekend. I managed to get a lot done without feeling I did nothing but work all weekend. Plus, we managed two all day outings over a holiday weekend..

Yes, I rocked it like a hurricane.

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Beth said...

I know what you mean about being on your own sometimes. Go you for being super mom and getting so much done while also giving your boys some awesome experiences. :-)